Two Worlds II

Two Worlds II is an RPG that builds upon the original game.

Two Worlds 2 – Fun with the magic system and its possibilities

Some spells from Two Worlds 2. Have fun with it 🙂
And Sorry for the 480. My Machine wasnt able to handle taking footage in HD smoothly enough for my liking. Hope you enjoy it anyways. This is footage of the PC Version by the way. Played with the XboX Controller.

Sorry for the wrong song at the end of the movie. Had to use audioswap to make it available in germany.

Swapped Song: “A Trick i learned in the Army” – Camber
System specs:
AMD Phenom II 940

Two Worlds in 2021

Two Worlds was a game. Now we shall remember that game. Game.

CGRundertow – TWO WORLDS II for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Two Worlds II from TopWare Interactive and SouthPeak Games for the PlayStation 3. Two Worlds II is also available for the Xbox 360, PC and Mac. Two Worlds II is a sequel to the 2007 original. You play as a human whose sister has been kidnapped by an evil king. Two Worlds II is another massive action-RPG in the form of a fantasy epic, a title not unlike the Oblivions of the world. You play from a third-person perspective, running around casting spells, collecting a myriad of objects and, thankfully, waging battle without taking turns. Unfortunately, there are so many problems with Two Worlds II, it takes a huge hit on the game’s enjoyability. This video review features video gameplay footage of Two Worlds II for the PlayStation 3 and audio commentary from Classic Game Room’s Derek.

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Two Worlds II – ProJared

Two Worlds II – ProJared

It’s the game he’s feared since he started. The sequel to the game that created the show in the first place. ProJared reviews Two Worlds II.

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