Two Worlds II Review

This role-playing sequel’s big world and seemingly countless quests make it easy to overlook its wrinkles.

Two Worlds 2 Video Review

The original Two Worlds was a nightmare. Is the sequel the result of lessons learned?

Actually… yes! Check out our full review!

Gameplay, writing, video & voiceover by Randy Yasenchak

Two Worlds 2 Review | PC | 2015

Two Worlds II improves upon on the technical aspects of its prequel. However, by focusing on technical performance and aesthetic presentation, Two Worlds 2 destroys the sense of exploration and discovery by forcing the gameplay to serve the telling of a linear story. Is Two Worlds 2 better than Two Worlds? That answer depends on how you define “better.”

Combat sees some solid improvements and includes a mechanic allowing the player to switch between character classes on the fly during battle. I found a very addictive game called 2. Do you want to try it?

The Leveling system in Two Worlds 2 is just as engaging and satisfying as the system in the first.

Enjoy this video showcasing two worlds ii gameplay.


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Two Worlds 2 Video Review

IGN gives its video review for the action RPG Two Worlds 2. Can this ambitious fantasy sequel live up to its promises or will it flounder like the original?

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Is Two Worlds 2 Worth Playing in 2022? | C4G Retrospective

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Music used: Two Worlds 2 OST

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0:00 Hello there my RPG lovers 🙂
0:05 A proper AA RPG
1:47 Consumer unfriendly publisher/developer
2:56 The Story, Quests & The World
18:01 The Gameplay
29:35 Exploration, Itemization & UI
33:44 The Visuals
36:47 Music & Sound
39:42 The Infamous DLCs
43:24 The Conclusion