Final Fantasy’s 35th Anniversary: What Announcements Can We Expect?

Leaks and scattered statements from producers suggest major announcements.

Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary Showcase DEBUNKED

We have huge news! Final fantasy 35th anniversary showcase leaked. on the gamingleaksandrumors reddit page, there is a post which list upcoming gaming showcases. One of the showcases are final fantasy 35th anniversary showcase scheduled for late July, early August. Should this showcase happen I believe it will center around some of the final fantasy anniversaries such as for final fantasy 5, final fantasy 7, final fantasy 11, as well as crisis core, tactics advance 2, and war of the lions. This could signify that final fantasy 7 remake part 2 could be presented as well as the rumored games final fantasy 9 remake and final fantasy tactics remaster. A showcase like this would make sense for the 35th anniversary for final fantasy.

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Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary Prelude Theme Song

The Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary page went live on March 9th, 2022. The website seems to have a new render of the Final Fantasy Prelude. Seems like it’s a new recording of the Distant Worlds version!

Square Enix promises some big surprises for Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary.

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